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Years Ago

For over 15 years I have had a passion for working with a brush.  During this period I spent some time teaching decorative and fine art.

Volunteering to paint the children’s faces  at a school fete was just the beginning!

A friend made the suggestion I should pursue this as a profession.  It sounded like a good idea! 

 But I had no idea until I did some research what it was to be a professional body and face artist, not just a face painter.

After seeing some of the masterpieces that our finest body artists have created, I was in awe. I knew that using the body as a canvas was where I wanted to take my talents.  I have attended workshops and face & body art conventions,  where I have been taught by experts in the field. There was no turning back, I was hooked! 

On this amazing journey pursuing my passion, and armed with inspiration, the possibilities are endless…


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