To whom it may concern,

We have used Hayley (Fancy Faces) for the past 6 years at Henry Family Children’s Centre.
We invite Hayley to come along for our last day of Kindergarten to paint the children’s faces.
Hayley is here for approximately 2.5 hours. In this time Hayley paints 30 children’s faces.
Hayley is a very professional person who has a lovely manner. She is kind, calming and
passionate towards the children. The painting that Hayley does on the children’s faces is
absolutely amazing with the children always loving their designs.
Hayley is able to paint any general requests that the children come up with and she has a
fantastic imagination. The detail to design with her work is brilliant. It is never rushed and
always looks fantastic. During the time Hayley is painting the children’s faces she is very
gentle and patient.
I would highly recommend Hayley for any party/function that you may have.



Donna Baguley

Henry Family Children’s Centre
145 Henry Road
Pakenham 3810